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What is hemp crop insurance?

Hemp is a resource-intensive crop to grow, which brings significant risk as soon as the crop is planted. The plants aren’t inexpensive, and that initial outlay doesn’t include the infrastructure or care that they require. Significant damage or complete loss can result in devastating financial losses if adequate protection isn’t in place. Hemp crop insurance may provide Massachusetts farmers with that adequate protection.

Hemp crop insurance specifically insures hemp crops. The Federal Crop Insurance has changed coverage terms recently, so farmers should work with a specialized agent when choosing a policy.

What Massachusetts businesses need hemp insurance?

Most commercial hemp growers in Massachusetts should have hemp insurance. Conventional growers and hydroponic growers may need a policy, and these policies tend to be the best crop insurance for hemp.

Other businesses in the hemp, marijuana or CBD industry generally need different insurance. A specialized agent who knows these policies well can help cultivators and other businesses find the policy type that’s best for them.

Hemp Crop Insurance Massachusetts

What protections are available through hemp insurance policies?

Hemp insurance policies’ primary coverage is usually some form of crop insurance, but they often come with other coverages that growers need. Any of the following protections might be found in hemp policies:

  • Outdoor Crop Coverage, which may protect conventionally grown plants against damage and loss
  • Indoor Crop Coverage, which may cover hydroponically grown and/or greenhouse plants against damage and loss
  • Commercial Property Coverage, which may protect other assets such as buildings and equipment against damage
  • Premises Liability Coverage, which may protect against common lawsuits such as accidents causing third-party injuries
  • Workers Compensation Coverage, which may protect against injuries that workers sustain while on the job

Can Federal Crop Insurance cover hemp plants?

Federal Crop Insurance was revised in late 2021 so that it’s now generally available for hemp plants. The status change gives most growers access to federally subsidized hemp insurance. Policies are usually sold by private insurance companies and guaranteed by the government.

Importantly, the legislation at this point draws a distinction between hemp and marijuana plants. This may change if marijuana is ever nationally legalized, but subsidized insurance for marijuana generally isn’t available at the time of writing. Growers who cultivate a specific delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol might be able to obtain subsidized coverage for this single type of marijuana plant.

An insurance agent who specializes in hemp crop policies should be familiar with this recent change and any future changes that affect these insurance policies. Growers ought to specifically seek out a specialized agent when comparing policy, coverage and premium options.

Can hemp and other crops be covered through the same crop insurance policy?

Because hemp crop policies are specialized for this one high-value crop, coverage for hemp and other plants usually isn’t available through a single coverage. Growers can easily purchase separate crop insurance coverages from the same insurance company, though.

Hemp Crop Insurance Massachusetts

How much are premiums for hemp crop policies?

While the recent federal change has made hemp crop policies more affordable for most growers, there continues to be significant variance in policy premiums because the insurance is yet fairly new. 

The easiest way to compare rates is by working with an independent insurance agent. Independent agents are able to compare policies from multiple insurance companies, thus making it easy to check both coverage and premium differences.

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How can growers in Massachusetts get hemp crop insurance?

For help insuring hemp crops that are grown in Massachusetts, contact us at Roger Keith & Sons Insurance. Our agents are familiar with the current state of policies, and we’ll work closely with you to find a hemp crop insurance policy that both provides robust protection and is affordable.

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