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What is electrician insurance? 

Working as an electrician comes with inherent risks. From work mistakes that cause building damage to car accidents, electricians in Massachusetts need multiple protections. Electrician insurance can help protect against many of the risks that they’re exposed to.

Electrician insurance is a tailor-made commercial policy for electricians. Policies usually protect electricians and their businesses from both liability and property risks.

Which Massachusetts businesses is small electrical business insurance for? 

Massachusetts generally doesn’t require insurance to obtain an electrician license. Small electrical business insurance is strongly recommended for most electrical contractors, though.

In fact, electrical contractors often do need certain coverages. Coverages like commercial auto and workers compensation might not be required for an electrical license, but they’re normally still required if a business has a vehicle or employees. These and other important coverages are usually available through electrician policies.

Electrician Insurance Massachusetts

What insurance coverages should electrical contractors look for?

Small electrical business insurance policies normally provide many coverages, including those mentioned and others. Some important protections to consider are:

  • General Liability Coverage: Usually protects against common accidents leading to injuries of third parties or damages to their property.
  • Errors and Omissions Coverage: Usually protects against financial liabilities arising from mistakes in work that cause injury, damage or other harm.
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage: Usually protects by providing an additional layer of liability coverage for especially large claims.
  • Commercial Property Coverage: Usually protects buildings, equipment and inventory owned by the business, against risks that could result in damage or loss.
  • Inland Marine Coverage: Usually protects equipment and inventory during transportation between different locations, including a facility, stores and customer locations.
  • Commercial Auto Coverage: Usually protects company-owned vehicles, such as work vans and pickup trucks, against accidents and other risks.
  • Business Income Coverage: Usually protects against loss of revenue that continues after a covered event forces the business to pause operations.

Do electricians need workers compensation coverage? 

Workers compensation coverage is generally required by Massachusetts state law if a business has employees. It’s especially important when employees are working with live electrical wires, but broadly is required regardless of what an employee does.

Thus, electrical businesses with employees almost certainly need workers compensation. Self-employed electricians without staff might not, though.

When required, workers compensation might be obtained alongside, or integrated within, a small electrical business insurance policy.

Does homeowners insurance cover self-employed electricians? 

Homeowners insurance typically isn’t intended to cover the liabilities associated with electrical. Self-employed electricians normally need a small electrical business policy, at least for its liability protections. Whether commercial auto and commercial property need to be included depends on an electrician’s business.

An insurance agent specializing in small electrical business insurance can help self-employed electricians find a policy that has the coverages they need.

Electrician Insurance Massachusetts

How much do electrical contractors pay for insurance?

Insurance premiums for electricians vary widely, due to differences in policy terms and individual businesses. Details such as size, location and services offered are merely a few of the factors that can impact cost. So too can claims history, experience and chosen coverages, among other details.

To find out how much they’ll pay for insurance, electricians can engage an independent insurance agent. Independent agents are able to quickly obtain custom quotes from several insurance companies, which makes shopping around easy.

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Where can electrical contractors find electrician insurance? 

If you need help finding electrician insurance in Massachusetts, reach out to the independent agents at Roger Keith & Sons. Our agents will work closely with you to identify coverage needs, and then help you compare several policies that meet your particular needs well.

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