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What is Auto Repair Shop Insurance?

Operating an auto repair center requires significant investment, and the resources that are poured into a garage ought to be protected if possible. Purchasing auto repair shop insurance is one way that owners of Massachusetts repair centers can help protect their businesses.

Auto repair shop insurance policies are specialized commercial policies for repair centers and similar businesses. Because repair centers frequently have extensive coverage needs, most of these policies come as package policies that contain several coverages bundled together.

What Businesses in Massachusetts Should Have Auto Body Shop Insurance?

In general terms, most Massachusetts businesses that service vehicles ought to consider auto body shop insurance. While the insurance might be referred to as “repair shop” or “body shop” insurance, the options are largely the same since most businesses that work on vehicles have similar coverage needs.

A few examples of businesses that might benefit from having auto body shop insurance are:

  • Independent mechanics and garages
  • Collision and body repair shops
  • Specialty vehicle and motorcycle shops
  • Diesel repair shops
  • Oil change services
Auto Repair Shop Insurance Massachusetts

Car dealerships often need similar coverages for their service centers too, but most dealerships get a more expansive policy that provides these coverages alongside other ones that dealers need.

Any businesses that are unsure whether they should have auto body shop insurance can get advice from an insurance agent who knows these policies well. Someone who’s familiar with these policies will be able to make an informed recommendation based on a business’s particular risk exposure and coverage needs.

What Coverages Can Repair Shops Get Through Auto Body Shop Policies?

Depending on a policy’s terms and conditions, it may offer coverages such as the following:

  • General Liability Coverage, which might cover slip-and-fall accidents occurring on shop premises
  • Garage Keepers Liability Coverage, which might cover damage to customer vehicles while they’re at a shop
  • Commercial Property Coverage, which might protect a shop’s building, equipment and tools
  • Commercial Auto Coverage, which might cover tow trucks, loaner vehicles and other owned vehicles
  • Crime Coverage, which might cover internal theft by employees or external theft by burglars
  • Business Income Coverage, which might cover prolonged periods of decreased revenues that follow disasters

Shops may also want commercial umbrella coverage, cyber liability coverage, equipment breakdown coverage or any number of other protections that a knowledgeable agent can assist with.

Do Auto Repair Shop Policies Come With Workers Compensation?

Workers’ compensation normally protects against injuries that employees sustain in the workplace, and most Massachusetts businesses that have employees are legally required to carry the coverage.

Whether auto repair shop policies come with workers’ compensation depends on the policy, though. While some policies offer it, others don’t make it an option. When the coverage isn’t included in an auto repair shop policy, workers comp can be readily obtained via a standalone policy that’s purchased in addition to the main repair shop policy.

Auto Repair Shop Insurance Massachusetts

How Much Are Premiums for Auto Repair Shop Policies?

The premiums charged for auto repair shop policies are based on many factors, often including details such as a shop’s:

  • Location and size of the facility
  • Scope of work and annual sales
  • Chosen coverages and limits
  • Recent claims history

Even with variance among policies’ premiums, however, the cost of insuring usually remains affordable. It’s almost certainly more affordable than what a major claim could cost if no protection is in place.

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How Can Repair Shops Get Quotes for Auto Repair Shop Insurance?

If you need help insuring a repair shop in Massachusetts, get in touch with the independent insurance agents at Roger Keith & Sons Insurance. Our agents will help you assess your shop’s coverage needs, and then we can show several auto repair shop insurance quotes that meet tose needs to see with is the best one.

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