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What is flatbed insurance?

Operating flatbed trucks presents unique risks compared to operating other types of trucks. The equipment that flatbeds transport can be worth five- and six-figure sums, and can be oversized and extremely heavy. In order to protect against the risks that flatbeds pose, Massachusetts businesses that operate these trucks generally should have flatbed insurance.

Flatbed insurance is commercial truck insurance that’s tailored for flatbeds. The terms and conditions found within policies are specifically designed to protect against the risks these trucks pose.

What Massachusetts businesses is flatbed truck insurance right for?

Massachusetts state law generally requires that vehicles are insured. Flatbed truck insurance tends to be the most effective way to procure coverage for flatbeds. Most businesses that operate these trucks will find that one of these policies best meets their needs.

For example, businesses such as the following might want one of these policies:

  • Residential and commercial construction crews
  • Road construction and repair crews
  • Mobile home manufacturers and builders
  • Windmill manufacturers and installers
  • Commercial mower manufacturers and servicers
  • Farmers with flatbeds for equipment
  • Secondary car lots that purchase at auctions

There are still many other businesses that should consider these policies.

Flatbed Insurance Massachusetts

What protections are available through flatbed truck insurance?

Flatbed truck policies normally provide all state-mandated coverages, and many additional options. Additional options can include more coverages, higher limits, and other policy improvements. 

Most businesses choose more protection than the state’s minimum mandated coverages. These can include a combination of property and liability protections. The former primarily insure assets (truck and otherwise) against damage, while the latter primarily insure against accidents (vehicle and otherwise).

Some property coverages that businesses might need/want are:

  • Comprehensive Coverage, which may protect against flatbed damage that occurs in non-collision incidents (e.g. theft, fire, animal strikes)
  • Collision Coverage, which may protect against flatbed damage that occurs in collisions with other vehicles (e.g. trucks, cars, other vehicles)
  • Ramp, Tarp, Binder & Chain Coverage, which may protect against damage to/loss of ramps, tarps, binders, chains and safety equipment
  • Loading & Unloading Coverage, which may protect against damage to/loss of cargo as it’s loaded and unloaded from a trailer
  • Towing & Storage Coverage, which may help pay storage costs while a truck is disabled following a valid claim
  • Earned Freight Coverage, which may help pay lost accounts receivables following a valid claim

Some liability coverages that businesses may need/want are:

  • General Liability Coverage, which may protect against basic accidents (non-vehicle) that occur on or near a truck
  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage, which may protect against injuries to persons outside of a truck that occur in a collision
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage, which may protect against damage to others’ property that occurs in a collision
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage, which may help pay costs associated with especially large lawsuits and claims

An insurance agent who specializes in flatbed truck policies can help businesses explore all of the coverage options that are available to them.

Flatbed Insurance Massachusetts

Can flatbed tow trucks insure themselves with flatbed truck insurance?

While flatbed tow trucks would likely find all of the coverages they need within a flatbed truck policy, purchasing this type of policy would probably be overkill. These policies are mainly intended for large flatbeds that carry heavy loads. A tow truck policy tends to be a much better option for flatbed tow trucks.

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How can businesses in Massachusetts get flatbed insurance?

For help insuring flatbeds that are in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Roger Keith & Sons Insurance. Our agents are well-versed in the many different types of commercial truck insurance, including flatbed insurance. We have the expertise necessary to make sure your flatbeds are well protected.

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