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What Is ATV Insurance?

Many Massachusetts residents ride ATVs for recreational or practical purposes, and the use of these vehicles presents an inherent level of risk. ATV insurance won’t stop an accident from occurring, but it can help financially protect residents if they’re involved in an ATV accident.

ATV insurance is a specialized type of insurance that’s specifically intended to protect ATVs and their riders. Most ATV policies are underwritten as package policies, meaning that they have more than one coverage. The coverages work together to provide a network of protections.

Who in Massachusetts Should Purchase ATV Coverage?

ATV riders in Massachusetts generally aren’t required by law to have insurance, but ATV coverage can provide important protections. The vast majority of ATV owners in the state probably should carry a policy, as not having coverage can leave owners exposed to property, injury and liability risks anytime they ride.

Moreover, owners shouldn’t rely on other policies to provide ATV coverage. Standard car insurance policies normally don’t cover ATVs, and homeowners policies often only provide property protection against damage while an ATV is on an insured property. At best, a homeowners policy might offer minimal protection while riding — much more is usually needed.

An ATV policy is the type of insurance policy that’s intended to protect against ATV-related risks and makes the right amount of protection available.

ATV Insurance in Massachusetts

What Coverages Are Available From ATV Policies?

While the exact coverages that are included in an ATV policy frequently vary, most policies make a few common protections available. The following may be offered as optional or standard protections:

  • Comprehensive Coverage, which might protect an ATV from damage that occurs during non-accident incidents
  • Collision Coverage, which might protect an ATV from damage that occurs during multi-vehicle accidents
  • Accessories Coverage, which might protect aftermarket parts, trailers, helmets and other equipment
  • Personal Injury Protection, which might protect riders on an ATV if they’re injured
  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage, which might protect against lawsuits arising from non-riders’ injuries
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage, which might protect against lawsuits arising from damage to others’ property
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage, which might protect against accidents caused by improperly insured riders or drivers

Personal injury protection is commonly referred to as with the acronym PIP.

An insurance agent who specializes in ATV coverages can help riders select the right protections, deductibles and limits for them.

How Much Does ATV Coverage Cost?

Premiums for ATV policies vary because they’re based on many different factors. Even with variance in cost, however, these policies tend to be affordable. They’re almost certainly more affordable than a major accident would be if no coverage were in place.

ATV Insurance in Massachusetts

Can ATV Owners Drop Coverage When Storing Their ATVs?

ATV owners sometimes look to save on their insurance premiums by canceling their ATV coverage during winter. While this does eliminate premiums, it also creates potential risk due to the lack of coverage.

Rather than canceling a policy altogether, it’s usually preferable to adjust a policy’s coverages when an ATV is put into storage. Certain coverages can be reduced so that an ATV itself is still protected against damage and policies are simultaneously lowered. An experienced agent can assist with this process, and they can help reinstate needed coverages when an ATV is taken out of storage in the spring.

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How Can ATV Owners in Massachusetts Get ATV Insurance?

If you need help insuring an ATV in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Roger Keith & Sons Insurance. We have the expertise necessary to help you accurately assess your risk and coverage needs, and we can show you ATV insurance policy options from multiple insurance companies since we’re an independent agency. With our team’s assistance, you can ride confidently knowing that you’re well protected.

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