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What is food truck insurance?

Operating a food truck in Massachusetts can be both a profitable and fun business. As with any business, though, there are some risks that should be considered and protected against. Purchasing food truck insurance can play an important role in protecting these businesses.

Food trucks are unique within the food service industry, and thus require unique insurance coverage. Food truck insurance is specialized commercial insurance for mobile food service businesses.

What businesses should have food cart insurance?

Most Massachusetts food service businesses that are mobile should consider food cart insurance. These policies are suitable for both food trucks and food carts, as well as similar businesses. A few examples of specific businesses that might need this type of policy include:

  • Gourmet food trucks
  • Non-fancy food trucks
  • Ice cream trucks and bicycles
  • Hot dog and sausage carts
  • Ethnic food trucks and carts
  • Festival concessionaires
  • Restaurants that have food trucks

In some cases, it’s not immediately clear whether a business would be better served with food cart insurance or standard restaurant insurance. An insurance agent who specializes in these types of policies can help all types of food service businesses determine which policy type is best for them.

Food Truck Insurance Massachusetts

What protections are available through food cart insurance policies?

Food cart insurance policies can provide uniquely tailored protections both through their coverage options and the terms of each coverage. Some coverages that often are available through these policies include:

A knowledgeable insurance agent can review coverages’ terms to check the specific protections that each of a policy’s coverages provides.

Do food trucks and food carts need commercial vehicle coverage?

Commercial vehicle coverage is generally used to insure commercially registered vehicles that businesses own. If a business owns a commercially registered vehicle that’s driven on public roads, this coverage is almost certainly needed.

Since most food trucks meet these two requirements, food trucks usually have to include commercial vehicle coverage within their food truck policy. If a truck is driven to different locations, or just to get ingredients, then vehicle coverage is likely required.

Food trucks that remain permanently in one location might not need commercial vehicle coverage, or at least full-fledged coverage. Permanently parked trucks might only use the coverage to protect against damage, but forgo the other protections that the coverage normally includes. These protections could be added on later if a truck has to be moved.

Since food carts aren’t typically classified as commercial vehicles, food carts can often forgo this particular coverage. An experienced insurance agent can help ensure that another coverage still protects against damage to or theft of a cart.

Food Truck Insurance Massachusetts

How much are premiums for food truck policies?

Food truck policy premiums vary, as they’re based on a multitude of factors. Some of the details that can impact cost are the:

  • Type of truck or cart 
  • Location where a truck or cart is stored
  • Location where a vendor typically sets up
  • Number of customers served annually
  • Menu items offered

Even with variance among policies’ premiums, however, insurance tends to be affordable.

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How can food trucks in Massachusetts get food truck insurance?

For help insuring a food truck or food cart, contact the independent insurance agents of Roger Keith & Sons Insurance. Our Massachusetts agents can help you compare different food truck insurance policies, and we have the expertise required to help you choose the best one for your truck or cart.

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