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What is tow truck insurance?

Servicing vehicles on roads’ shoulders is dangerous work, especially when it’s dark, raining or snowing. Purchasing tow truck insurance won’t do anything to prevent an accident from occurring on the road or elsewhere, but it can help Massachusetts towing operators ensure they’re financially protected should something happen.

Tow truck insurance policies provide specialized coverage for tow trucks and wreckers. Most policies protect trucks, the vehicles they tow, and the businesses that operate them.

What Massachusetts businesses should consider purchasing towing insurance?

Most Massachusetts businesses that operate tow trucks ought to purchase towing insurance. Policies are available for flatbed wreckers and wheel-life models. Additionally, policies can be purchased by statewide companies, local businesses and solo owner-operators.

Some examples of businesses that might need towing insurance include tow truck operators, local mechanics and auto service centers. Even police departments and charities that accept vehicle donations might need a policy, if they tow vehicles themselves. (Many outsource the towing, but some don’t.)

Tow Truck Insurance Massachusetts

What coverages come in towing insurance policies?

The exact coverages that any one tow truck policy provides can vary, but most policies make certain protections available. These commonly include:

  • Physical Damage Coverage, which may cover accident-caused tow truck damage
  • Comprehensive Coverage, which may cover non-accident tow truck damage
  • On-Hook Towing Coverage, which may cover damage to customer vehicles when they’re towed
  • Garage Services Coverage, which may cover damage to customer vehicles when they’re at a facility
  • Tow Truck Liability Coverage, which may cover third-party injuries and property damage
  • Medical Payments Coverage, which may cover medical treatment for accident-caused injuries
  • Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage, which may cover accidents with inadequately insured drivers

Can vehicle transporters insure their trucks with towing insurance?

Tow truck policies normally don’t provide all of the coverages that vehicle transporters need. While transporters might need many of the coverages found within towing policies, their need for additional protections usually necessitates a broader insurance policy. 

An insurance agent who’s familiar with towing policies can also help transporters find a broader policy that better meets their needs.

Is workers compensation coverage included within towing policies?

Workers compensation is an important protection for towing operators to consider, and not just because most Massachusetts businesses with employees are required by state law to carry it. Working on roadsides is dangerous work, and drivers are often exposed to potential injuries. Workers compensation normally helps protect against job-related injuries.

Some towing policies might offer workers compensation as one of their protections, but not all do. If it’s not included within a policy, then the coverage can easily be found via a separate policy.

Tow Truck Insurance Massachusetts

How much does it cost to insure a tow truck?

The rates that insurance companies charge for covering tow trucks are based on numerous factors, and therefore most operators pay different rates. Some of the factors that frequently impact cost are:

  • How many tow trucks are being covered
  • What year, make and model the wreckers are
  • How many years of experience the operators have
  • What roadways towing services are offered on
  • What kinds of vehicles are towed

An independent insurance agent who specializes in towing policies can help businesses check how much insuring their tow trucks will cost. Independent agents are able to check quotes from different insurance companies. Someone who knows these policies well can help operators compare both rates and coverages.

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How can tow truck operators get tow truck insurance?

If you need to insure tow trucks that operate in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Roger Keith & Sons Insurance. Our agents will work closely with you to determine coverage needs, and then we’ll help you find the best tow truck insurance policy that meets those needs.

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