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What Is Farm Insurance?

Farms are exposed to a range of potential risks because of the work they do and the equipment they have. Farm insurance helps Massachusetts farmers protect themselves and their businesses from many of these potential risks.

Farm insurance is a highly specialized insurance that’s intended for farmers. Because policies are so specialized and farms face certain uncommon risks, farmers should work closely with an experienced insurance agent when comparing policies. Policies offer varying protections, and an experienced agent will be able to guide farmers through all of the options that are available to them.

What Massachusetts Businesses Need Farm Policies?

Generally speaking, any farm that produces and sells goods within Massachusetts should probably have a farm policy in place. This includes both small and large farms, and the following are merely a few examples of farms that might want this type of insurance:

  • Dairy farms
  • Animal farms
  • Organic farms
  • Homestead farms
  • Amish and Mennonite farms
  • Community-supported agriculture farms
  • Urban farms

Anyone who’s unsure whether their operation justifies purchasing a commercial farm policy should seek guidance from a knowledgeable insurance agent.

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What Coverages Do Farm Policies Make Available?

Farms are multidimensional businesses that have multiplied risk mitigation needs, and insurance companies make many different coverages available to farmers. These coverages may provide personal protections, commercial property protections, commercial liability protections or other important protections.

Farmers who live on their property typically need personal insurance for farmers. Some of the personal coverages that policies might offer are:

  • Household Dwelling Coverage, which may cover a house that’s lived in
  • Household Personal Property Coverage, which may cover household belongings like clothes, furniture, appliances and electronics

Commercial property protections normally insure assets that a farm owns against potential damage or loss. Policies may offer insurance for farm assets through the following coverages:

  • Barn and Outbuilding Coverage, which may cover barns, sheds and non-house outbuildings
  • Farm Personal Property Coverage, which may cover machinery, tools, livestock and feed
  • Commercial Vehicle Coverage, which may cover farm-owned trucks and trailers
  • Crop Coverage, which may cover crops against destruction caused by severe weather
  • Livestock Coverage, which may cover animals individually or as a group against catastrophic death
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which may cover essential equipment against unexpected malfunctions
  • Loss of Business Income Coverage, which may cover losses in income caused by suspended operations following a disaster

Commercial liability protections help shield farms from certain lawsuits that might be filed against them. Some liability coverages that are generally available to farms include:

Do Farm Insurance Policies Come with Workers Compensation?

Many farms need workers compensation insurance for their employees. This coverage normally pays medical costs and lost wages that are associated with a job-related injury, and job-related injuries certainly are a risk that farmworkers face.

Whether workers compensation is included in a farm policy depends on the policy. Some policies include this coverage, while others leave it to be purchased through a separate policy. In either case, an agent who helps with insurance for farmers can assist with workers compensation.

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How Can Farms Get Insurance for Farmers in Massachusetts?

If you need help insuring a farm that’s located in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Roger Keith & Sons Insurance. Our agents can show you farm insurance policy options from multiple insurance companies in the state, and we have the expertise to help you select the policy that best meets your farm’s particular needs.

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